Taziki’s Mediterranean Café Unveils New App and Online Ordering Platform Enhancing the Guest Experience

Taziki's Mediterranean Café Unveils New App and Online Ordering Platform Enhancing the Guest Experience

New App Launch Includes Partnership with Pagemaster Mobile To Distribute Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Taziki's Mediterranean Café Unveils New App and Online Ordering Platform Enhancing the Guest ExperienceBirmingham, AL  (RestaurantNews.comTaziki’s Mediterranean Café saw unprecedented demand for off-premises dining in 2020. To support this change to off-premises sales through a device, Taziki’s worked at a fast pace to amplify their app and the online ordering process.

Taziki’s ramped up efforts over the past several months to completely redesign the app to give users a much better experience. For Taziki’s, streamlining off-premises orders has been a top priority, and now the restaurant’s new app will offer curbside “I’m here” messaging, gift card redemption, an in-app rewards program and easy to navigate ordering.

To continue to connect digitally to customers, Taziki’s is partnering with Pagemaster Mobile to put new devices into customers’ hands to experience first-hand the restaurant’s new app. Beginning this month, Taziki’s customers can earn a new Samsung Galaxy Series A phone when they join Taziki’s Taz rewards program and place an order online or through the Taziki’s app.

Taziki’s will distribute Samsung Galaxy Smartphone devices until the end of 2021. Customers claim the phone by registering through this link and are required to purchase two months of wireless service.

“Last March, almost overnight our customers’ digital ordering and payment options increased,” said Dan Simpson, CEO of Taziki’s Mediterranean Café. “We know that our customers want superior familiarity when they order takeout and delivery. This overall experience starts when they place an order on Taziki’s app, not just when their food arrives.”

“More than any other industry during the past year, restaurants have evolved the most,” said Simpson. “For Taziki’s operators it is necessary to have an app complete with digital ordering and payment capability; for many consumers, it’s non-negotiable.”

Like many other restaurants, Taziki’s is both handling takeout and delivery as well as utilizing new partnerships with third-party ordering or delivery partners. Taziki’s believes that infrastructure provided by third party providers will help the company expand their reach – and in turn, expand the restaurant’s sales numbers in 2021. The company has seen meteoric growth of takeout, curbside, Family Feasts, delivery, and box-lunch catering in the past year.

According to Technomic’s 2020 Delivery and Takeout Consumer Trend Report, 36% of consumers say they anticipate ordering carryout as much after the pandemic as they did during. More than 43% said they will order delivery the same amount, but a full 38% said they would order takeout and delivery more frequently.

“Taziki’s wants to offer our customers the best experience from the time they place their order to when they finish their meal, no matter where they may be enjoying Taziki’s,” said Simpson. “Our new app also offers the opportunity to give the gift of Taziki’s food as a digital card and the opportunity to stay connected to our customers with the Samsung offer is an added bonus.”

Media Tools: Photos of the new Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe app and Samsung Galaxy Series A can be found here.

Taziki's Mediterranean Café Unveils New App and Online Ordering Platform Enhancing the Guest Experience

About Taziki’s Mediterranean Café

Taziki’s Mediterranean Café is a rapidly expanding brand, named one of America’s fastest growing leaders by Inc. 5000 in the fresh-casual industry. Having more than tripled in size since 2011, Taziki’s has over 90 restaurant locations, spanning across 18 states nationally. Development plans include building the brand in existing markets, as well as entering new areas across the country by 2023.

The essence of Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe is defined by serving fresh ingredients and hand-cut meats daily. The Mediterranean influence in their name echoes across their best-in-class, chef-inspired cuisine but is intentionally approachable for any person, anywhere. Taziki’s takes pride in their made-from-scratch food that nourishes customers daily and the artisanship that goes behind doing so without the use of fryers, or microwaves.

Taziki’s mission is to create an environment that combines extraordinary food with meaningful human connection.

Holly Lollar
PR for Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe