Gigante’s Year-Round Outdoor Dining Retractable Enclosure by Roll-A-Cover

Gigante's Year-Round Outdoor Dining Retractable Enclosure by Roll-A-Cover

Gigante's Year-Round Outdoor Dining Retractable Enclosure by Roll-A-CoverEastchester, NY  (  Recently, Roll-A-Cover manufactured and installed the new retractable patio enclosure at Gigante, a restaurant in Eastchester, NY. Prior to the Gigante retractable roof installation, the restaurant was only able to use its outdoor patio space when the weather permitted. Now, the restaurant can use its patio 365-days-a-year! During its first week of operation, it rained in New York, but the restaurant was able to close its retractable enclosure and keep the patio open, maximizing revenue generation. The retractable glass roof system ensures year-round revenue generation on the patio. Additionally, it creates a WOW factor for the restaurant.

This retractable restaurant enclosure at Gigante is a lean-to enclosure and was installed in one day. When the weather permits, the retractable enclosure rolls open to the outdoors. When the weather is inclement, the enclosure rolls closed. It opens and closes manually with ease. The Gigante retractable roof protects the patio from long New York winters and provides diners an opportunity to sit in an outdoor ambiance during these months and on rainy days.

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Gigante's Year-Round Outdoor Dining Retractable Enclosure by Roll-A-Cover

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Roll-A-Cover, International is America’s largest manufacturer of trackless retractable enclosure products. When the weather becomes inclement you will quickly and easily be able to close your retractable enclosure and still be able to utilize your outdoor area. This allows your customers to be outdoors or indoors rather than having a permanent structure year-round. Roll-A-Cover has earned 14 North American awards for its retractable enclosure products and is continuing to cover restaurant patios, rooftops, and swimming pools across the globe. Don’t waste valuable outdoor dining space and lose money. Generate revenue year-round with a Roll-A-Cover retractable enclosure or retractable roof system. For more information, please visit, call 866-393-7292, or email You can also follow us on social media @rollacoverintl!

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